Safe Harbor or Pearl Harbor?

It seems as though the Obama administration is telling federal judges that law suits being brought against them from Christian or Catholic Colleges regarding the HHS mandate should be immediately dismissed.


Our all-knowing, all-loving and all-caring President, in his boundless concern for everything Holy, has provided what he and his legal posse are calling a “safe harbor” for said religious institutions, until July 1 of 2014.

I love the choice of words Obama and his rabble have crafted.

When the date finally arrives, does it not imply they’ll be “unsafe?”

Considering one of the most horrific attacks ever on America happened at Pearl Harbor, one wonders if there isn’t some type of imperial plan to wipe out every God-fearing college in one swoop, especially now that they’re bobbing around tethered together in what they’re being told is a “safe harbor.”

Never trust the devil dear Chancellors.

Regarding the suit by Colorado Christian University, here’s an excerpt from

Once again, the federal government has been successful in having a lawsuit dismissed on the grounds that it is not ripe for review as the Obama administration has, once again, waved a promise to issue new regulations to accommodate religious objections to the HHS mandate.

The Christian university, which was the first inter-denominational college to file suit against the HHS mandate, falls under the safe harbor provision which reportedly delays enforcement of the mandate against it until next year. When the University filed the lawsuit, CCU President Bill Armstrong called the HHS mandate an “unparalleled attack” on religious freedom.


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