Al Gore the Cornball Environmentalist

I consider my oldest son Luke to be pretty smart.

Not just because of his musical skills…in fact, I believe the brilliance he shows at the piano is a result of his advanced brain power.

At least 10 years ago, while still in High School, he began to complain about a text-book he had to read for his science class.

Yep…you guessed it, Silent Spring, with its infamous introduction by Al Gore.

Dad, this is the dumbest book I’ve ever read.

Those words I’ll never forget.

Talk-radio conservatives have been trying to poke holes in the credibility of Al Gore for years–yet–over zealous academics totally ignored those jibes, defending the environmentalist for his love all things green.

It seems as though the former V.P. has found a green movement that is universally recognized…cash.

He just sold his anemic television channel, Current T.V. to none other than Al Jazeera, the Muslim owned network that terrorists trust most.

Rob Parker, the ESPN analyst was wrong about RG III, calling him a cornball brother…but Rush Limbaugh wasn’t wrong about Albert Jazeera…he and Luke hit the nail right on the head.


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