America’s Top Program–Every 94 Seconds

From a strictly business sense, and I mean that literally, one cannot help but admire this U.S. organization.

They finished their year providing services 333,964 times.

That’s an impressive increase of 4,519 over last year’s almost equally impressive 329,445 successful endeavors.

In addition, this group has assets, from both taxpayer and private contributions, that exceeds $1 billion.

If every organization in the country were run this¬†diligently, there’d be almost no groups to complain about.

And, if this organization continues to succeed, while the rest of us look the other way, there won’t be any Americans left to complain.

Congratulations Planned Parenthood, 663,409 dead babies in the last two years puts you at the top of the heap…literally.

God help us.


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