The Last Shall be First…even in the NFL

For those of you who have no idea what the difference is between the New England Patriots and the New England Revolution, I apologize for the theme of this blog.

I can’t help myself…I just spent the last 14 out of 24 hours with my head dunked in a bucket of Wild Card Playoff Games.

By the time the contests had ended, the two most renowned rookies in the league, those taken number 1 and number 2 in the first round of the draft, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, had both lost.

Ironically, the young man taken in the third round, Russell Wilson, with the 75th pick by the Seattle Seahawks, came through the weekend still alive.

What I found most impressive about the way he played was not just his throwing ability, or even his speed to run out of the backfield, it was the way he would consistently hustle down field to throw legitimate blocks for his teammates.

It’s pretty much understood that quarterbacks don’t block.

Legs and arms and too easily injured doing such mundane things…just look at the behemoth superstar Rob Gronkowski from the Patriots, who broke his arm blocking for a point after try.

In life we may not look or feel like we’re number one.

That should never affect our attitude.

Those who God has put around us, the team we were drafted into, should never be the issue.

The way we conduct ourselves and our willingness to pitch in, is what sets us apart from the crowd.

Good job Russell, you impressed a whole lot of young people, and at least one old guy from New England, with your unselfish play.


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