Answering the Call

For those readers who are Catholics you probably know that New Year’s Day is a Holy Day of Obligation.

For non-Catholics, that simply means we are to go to Mass.

My college age son, home for winter break, walked the full 1/10th of a mile with me to the 10 am service, through the cold.  (I live in the shadow of our Church steeple.)

When we arrived, he noticed that there seemed to be no altar boys, which is all too common on Holy Days, especially New Year’s Day, when too many families “mail it in.”

Without hesitation he found his way into the sacristy and within minutes emerged like a religious super hero–in cassock and surplus.

That’s a brave thing to do for a 22-year-old, especially compared to his weak old man, who quit being an altar boy at age 15, out of self-imposed peer pressure way back in the 70’s.  (I can still see the look of anguish on Father Roach’s face.)

Too often in life there are simple opportunities to serve, that we, through pride, let slip by.

Don’t allow your fears to write the book of your life.

Jump in with God’s help, He has obligated Himself, through Christ, to put a halo on your head every time you obey His Word.



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