Old Memories Make the Best Presents

This year our daughter took a pile of old 8 mm movies from her childhood and converted them into digital format, so we could watch them on our computer and flat screen more easily.

I knew about the gift, but it was a surprise for my wife.

She was overwhelmed.

Any present that brings back memories, like a photo album rarely looked at from decades past, is going to have that same effect.

It’s hard to describe, but in every generation it seems as though life gets more complicated and less innocent than past times.

Old memories always seem to be from a better era.

Could it be that our faults and missteps make us more jaded about life today?

Or, do troubles in the world sour our perspective of the present?

Maybe it’s just that things we deemed worthy to record, like baptisms and Christmas parties, are that much more joyous than regular events.

With so much being chronicled today, by cell phone cameras etc…one wonders if our grandchildren will even find old movies unique?

I know one thing…I’m looking forward to seeing all the events of our lives replayed in heaven.

And as for the bad memories…thank God for the Sacrament that works like a “delete button.”


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