New Secretary of State Helps Republicans

It seems odd that the President would do something that could potentially aid the Republicans with another seat in Congress.

But yesterday he did.

By nominating John Kerry to be our next Secretary of State, the vacated seat in Massachusetts now must be filled.

For those of us who love irony, the man who just lost to Elizabeth Warren–Scott Brown–is the odds on favorite to regain that seat in the Senate.

With no Obama on the ballot, to raise the numbers for whoever the Democrats pick, this has the potential to be another 2009 Martha Coakley wipe-out.

Except this time Martha is staying home.

She’s committed to her job as Attorney General.

Even more ironically, the only Democrat name that jumps out as a viable candidate is our Governor, Deval Patrick.

Again, should he jump in then maybe Scott Brown jumps out and runs for Governor, where again, Scott’s the biggest name.

Only the President would come up with a plan that hasn’t been thought through.

Tell me again Mr. President…what does John Kerry have that hundreds of other potential candidates for Secretary of State don’t have?

Thanks for helping us oust another liberal in Massachusetts.

With the redistricting that sent one of our Congressmen to Texas last year, this latest one is just as bizarre.


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