Senator Coburn’s Wasteful Report

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn recently released a report on government waste, as it relates to Homeland Security.

A few of the odd examples he gave may have had merit, but, for the most part, this supposedly conservative Republican from Oklahoma attacked police departments for equipping themselves.

If that’s not bad enough, he ridiculed them for buying equipment that specifically helps neutralize gun violence.

It gets worse.

He had the nerve to point out how sleepy little towns in New England, which have had very few murders through the years, should not be allowed things like armored rescue vehicles for their SWAT teams, to help citizens in need.

When leaders write reports about segments of society, but choose only to research one side of an issue, they’re the ones wasting money.

Your report Senator Coburn, is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.

I wonder how many folks in Newtown, CT are attacking their State and Local Police?



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