Connecticut State Troopers’ Heavy Load

For those of us still in shock over the tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, imagine what the State Troopers from Connecticut and other local first-responders must be feeling.

They’re the first ones who entered the building searching for the shooter.

I have the honor of knowing a few of these fine gentlemen and what I also know is that their SWAT team is mainly composed of young men whose kids are the same age as the 20 helpless victims.

During times like these we need to keep them and all public servants in our thoughts and prayers.

So many of us complain about our jobs for one reason or another, but, for the most part, at the end of our careers, we can easily put all our bad memories behind us.

Not possible with this kind of job.

Post traumatic stress…nightmares really…are never supposed to be about things this sad.

Kudos to the Administration of the CT State Police, for assigning a Trooper to every victimized family, so they can have privacy from the media.

It must be a real comfort, especially to the surviving young siblings whose world’s have been turned upside down by this dastardly crime.

Great job guys, you have made America proud.

HC Newtown Threat.jpg

Photo courtesy of the Hartford Courant


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