The Hobbit Review…Bilbo and Jonah

Last night we saw The Hobbit.

Like no other tales I read as a teen, back in the mid 70’s, the four books (including the Lord of the Rings trilogy) devoured my imagination.

It’s hard to believe, nearly 35 years after first wishing for something, like a Hollywood spectacular of the same, my dream was fulfilled.

I highly endorse the flick, especially for those who love Tolkien’s work.

It’s not appropriate for young children, as the Goblins and Wolves are especially frightening, but children aged 11 and up should have no issues.

There are a few moments of dramatic license that might make Tolkien purists cringe, like the introduction of a Brown Wizard and an Orc lord with a prosthetic arm…but, considering all of it is Middle-earth fiction, who really cares?

It honors the Tolkien theme just the same.

In prepping for today’s blog, I stumbled across a fact I had never known.

Tolkien helped the Pope, in 1967, with a translation of the Book of Jonah, for a new official Catholic Bible called the Jerusalem Bible.

I own a copy, yet had never known Tolkien contributed until today.

In so many ways, God calls us all, because of gifts or talents we have, to accept adventures that make His kingdom better.

Pitfalls, like giant fish, or evil dragons, may be painful obstacles, yet, our God never leaves us alone.

Thank you Mr. Tolkien, for reminding us that we’re all a bit like Bilbos and Jonahs…reluctant–insignificant–yet with Virtue’s help, still highly capable.


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