The Fiscal Cliff and the 7 Deadly Sins

The fiscal cliff that everyone keeps talking about is upon us.

Mark these words…there will be no deal before it happens.

In Dinesh D’Souza’s excellent movie–“2016 Obama’s America”–on the life and secret motivations of Barack Obama, he discusses at length the President’s anti-colonial upbringing.

What that means is the very country he’s leading, is the enemy he wants knocked down to size

Exceptionalism of any kind can easily be destroyed by the seven deadly sins the Church warns us to avoid.

  • LUST
  • ENVY

It has always been an unwritten policy that American President’s have battled against these weaknesses.

Yet, Obama’s goal, which he has reached, is for us to have a majority of our population wallowing in them.

Sadly, many hard-working Americans will be badly hurt by the President’s unwillingness to strike a deal with Republicans and avoid skyrocketing taxes.

Does Obama care what the Church thinks?

You know the answer.


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