Pending Doom at the Times

For those of you with loved ones working at the New York Times, please don’t read this.

Or at least, if you do, promise you won’t hold it against me.

As far as I’m concerned, they, like the Devil himself, make up a huge chunk of what’s wrong with America.

God gave Lucifer free will.

Lucifer chose to exalt himself above the One who gave him that gift and was consequently evicted from heaven.

In a similar way the U.S. Constitution gave America freedom of the press.

The job of newspapers is to report news without bias.

The Times decided long ago they’d go beyond reporting and enter into the world of shaping the news.

As the “de facto”  head of the liberal media their narrative is that President Obama and all progressive ideology is perfect for what ails our country.

In spite of the fact Lucifer knows he’s damned for eternity in the lake of fire, he continues to promote the lie that God is not the answer to man’s problems and his evil ways are better than the Almighty’s.

The Times, with its shrinking revenue, knows the facts too, yet they won’t stop trying to convince America that there is no real debt crisis and a society of entitlements is easily sustainable through taxing the wealthy.

They’re about to issue another round of layoffs.

I don’t feel sorry for Satan.

He’s getting what he deserved.


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