Tragedy in the NFL

Over the weekend we learned of yet another murder/suicide involving an NFL player and his domestic partner.

What’s equally disturbing about violence like this is how sports success seems to have no bearing at all on whether they do or do not happen.

Young men and women all across America, dream of becoming sports stars and earning piles of money.

Yet, the stresses of life continue to pile up.

I have no idea what sent this latest player over the edge.

But I do know, all of us, no matter who we are, must carry the cross that God has allowed the world to throw at us.

Too often we pray; “God, give us a lighter cross.”

Who wouldn’t, right?

What we should be praying is this; “God, give us a stronger back.”

The difference is clear.

In one prayer we’re acting out of anger, fear and a sense of superiority.

In the second prayer we’re allowing humility, hope and courage to take us to victory.

That my friends is real stardom and fame, in an eternal sense.

God help us to have more of that, so there’ll be less of the other.


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