Do You Speak Chinese?

The pending fiscal cliff that everyone keeps talking about, at least in my view, has much less to do with tax increases than it does with unsustainable debt we owe to foreign lands.

The President is having a great time distracting the general population by setting up this January 1 showdown as a battle between him and the Republicans.

Here’s the bottom line.

The Republicans, no matter how stubborn they may seem, cannot stop a giant tidal wave of debt from washing away a tiny little area, such as Staten Island was by Hurricane Sandy.

The mounting debt crisis, now above $16 trillion dollars, means that every aspect of our government must scale back its spending, without exception.

It’s funny how liberals jumped all over Mitt Romney for making a comment about the 47%, who would not vote for him, but now they’re doing all they can to rally that same group against any cuts to their welfare programs.

The biggest joke of all is that Obama still has the electorate convinced that by raising taxes on the rich all our problems will be solved.

His so-called “balanced” approach is the most imbalanced possible.

God help us.

For those who don’t fear God or pray, then at least fear the wrath of math.

If austerity measures aren’t taken we’ll soon be bowing to the Chinese begging for bits of rice and noodles.


One Response to “Do You Speak Chinese?”

  1. dhuisjen2 Says:

    The answer to the debt crisis for the US is actually quite simple:
    1. Actually tax the rich.
    2. Quit playing unilateral police force to the rest of the world and downsize the military accordingly.

    The rest is rather simple details… for all those who’ve actually looked at the math involved.

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