Obama Needs a City Manager

O.K. Mr. President, you’ve won the popularity contest again…now…here’s the question.

Do you have a plan to solve the fiscal debt/tax crisis?

Are you aware that the ideas you’ve proposed, that made Mitch McConnell LOL, to raise taxes on the rich, with no spending cuts, only bring in enough money to run the government for 8.5 days?

I didn’t think so.

Yesterday you had lunch with Mitt Romney.

He’s a terrible politician, mainly for not picking Marco Rubio as his running-mate  but he’s still a good businessman and an even better nuts and bolts guy.

Here’s an idea.

Make him your City Manager.

You can still retain the title as Mayor…I mean President, but Mr. Romney can run the mundane things like–balancing the books.

It’s a form of government that has swept across the U.S. and what’s great about it, if the City Manager doesn’t work out, you can simply fire him without repercussion.

Congress would retain their role too, like a City Council, still creating law and arguing the direction of the nation.

I see no better solution.

Readers, if you agree, sign your name in the reply area below.

We should be able to raise about fifty million signatures in ten minutes.

That’s about how little time we have to find a leader with a clue.


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