Academia and Obamacare

It was only a matter of time before the ugly truth about the cost of Obamacare started stirring the pot at our institutions of higher learning.

A Pennsylvania Community College is being forced by budget restraints to cut the work schedules of hundreds of their young instructors and adjunct professors to numbers below 30 hours per week.

If not, the Allegheny County CC would be out nearly $6 million dollars annually.

For those of you with any knowledge on how these schools work, then you understand there’s no war chest they can dip into that can keep things hunky dory, providing “free” health care for all.

In the President’s world, only evil white businessmen in the private sector would stoop this low.

This is Obama’s America.

I wonder if any of the tenured professors will be willing to give up part of their salary to raise that six million dollars?

If not, they may actually have to correct a few papers on their own.

Those hard-working grad-students they relied on won’t be paying much rent without a real income either.

Sounds to me like there’ll be a few more kids moving back home with mom and dad in the region.

At least they’ll have free pennants to put up on their wall.

Go team!


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