My Class Reunion–More Than a Feeling

Tonight I’ll be attending my Taconic High 35th class reunion.

The idea we’ve been out of school twice as many years as the age most of us were at graduation–17/18–is hard to fathom.

I have thousands of happy memories from those years and am grateful not to be one of those poor kids who look back at school days with disdain.

If you are and for any reason my antics are part of your unpleasant past, please accept my sincerest apologies.

God has a way of balancing things out in our lives.

I hope I’m less of a #@^%* now…(fill in the noun).  If you disagree, tell me tonight, at the ITAM, I can take it.

God also knows difficult times we endured allow us to grow into better people.

Feelings we had of rejection or anger are part of the potter’s plan that molded us into a wiser parent, or a harder worker, or a more active citizen.

The facts about who you are, are more real than the feelings about what you were.

Keep up the good work.

Here’s one of those awesome memories…Springfield Civic Center, in a Ford Van with a gang of classmates…Mark, Jamie, Sean, Timmy, Glenn, Del and probably a few more that my growing gray matter have partially eclipsed.


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