Is America the New Titanic?

Now, before you jump to the final sentence…think about this.

On the Titanic, there were three classes of people.

The super-wealthy.

The peasant-like poor.

And one more…can you guess who they are?

No, it’s not a suffering laborers’ union.

It’s the working class…the sailors, engine-room team and server staff, who made the ship run.

When the Captain loses his sensibilities and decides to take risks with the vessel,  because he thinks it’s too big to fail, that’s when trouble is on the horizon.

Mr. President, we ship workers don’t really want to die.

In fact, the peasants, who you think adore you, are not looking for a handout at all, they’re looking for opportunity.

And the super wealthy?

You can’t expect their money to keep a sinking ocean-liner afloat.

Here’s the most ironic part.

Remember what happened when the Titanic was going down?

It was the super-wealthy who were loaded onto the lifeboats.

The sailors and peasants were left behind.

Your schemes of redistribution are no better than the Titanic’s Captain forging ahead into an iceberg.

I just feel badly for the peasants and the workers.

We deserve a better captain.


One Response to “Is America the New Titanic?”

  1. dhuisjen2 Says:

    If you want to use this analogy in a more natural sense, the captain on the Titanic decided to take risks in order to impress the rich and to turn a better profit on the shipyard’s investment. Human lives were less important than prestige and investment return. This is a mentality that the US in particular needs to escape from, and not only because it increases the risk of running a collision course with forces of nature!

    But unlike the Titanic, the US was able to choose not to appoint a captain who put business interests ahead of the values of actual human beings.

    Yet like the Titanic the US is a massive entity with huge motors thrusting it forward into dangerous territory, and a wee little rudder that can make changes in course only in the most incremental way.

    Best way to improve odds of survival: slow things down on purpose, especially in terms of military initiatives; focus on the safety of ALL passengers, not just those who can bribe their way onto lifeboats; and most importantly, drop the hutspah of believing in how exceptional we are, as though risks and problems which all other vessels are subject to don’t apply to the US.

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