OJ and the Real Killer/Obama and the Real Liar

I know there are many upset conservatives out there, having a difficult time accepting the idea that Obama’s been re-elected.

I can’t lie, I’m one of them.

Here’s the bottom line about this blog…I won’t lie to you.

There’s simply no point.

And for you fellow right-wing news junkies…what about this as a consolation prize?

Are you not finding solace in the fact that–just like OJ Simpson who promised to find the real killer of his wife Nicole–that President Obama has pledged to investigate who changed the talking points in the Benghazi, Libya narrative from it being a terrorist attack, to the assault being the result of a GoRemy video gone viral?

We here in JMCCC land are also wondering who the sacrificial lamb will be that falls on his/her sword for this upsetting twist of the truth.

You know you’re in trouble if California Senator Dianne Feinstein, clearly a liberal, is not rolling over and playing dead.

My guess, this investigation will probably take another four years to complete, in the meantime, the real liar still roams free.

One last thing, the conveniently edited narrative is just the venial sin, it’s the refusal to help Americans begging for military backup, that’s the mortal sin.

We all know there’s no possible chance one person could be guilty of both heinous sins.

Oops…I just told my first lie.


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