Meatless Mondays–Satan’s Newest Joke

Listen folks, no meat-eaters enjoy better vegetarian food than the Lebanese.

Here’s a list of things my mother made, that I now make, and my family still craves.

Tabouleh, Hummoos, Baba Ghanoush, M’judra, Shzibon, Fatoush, Loubyeh…

You name it, we cooked it and it was as savory as any meat dish one could have given up.

And why did we give up eating meat?

Because in our culture, as Catholics, eating meat on Fridays was taboo.

And, in spite of the awesome taste loopholes Lebanese cuisine provided, the understanding was that we were still giving up something cherished–meat–in honor of Almighty God and a Church that used Fridays as a day of the week to keep Christ in our hearts through sacrifice.

I have no idea why Fridays were chosen; my hunch is because that was the day the Lord died on Calvary.

The latest joke coming out of the La La Left coast is the Los Angeles City Council endorsing self-imposed meatless Mondays.

Is this about sacrifice and Holiness?

Are they finally catching on?


This is about animal rights.

Remember, those creatures that God created to serve man?

In Satan’s world, man was created to serve animals…specifically the animal nature that dwells deep within us.

As we pray for the unborn, the world prays for animals.

As we grow deeper in faith through meditation, prayer and sacrifice, the world grows deeper in secular humanism through political correctness, regulation and the redefinition of Truth.

I have no problem with respecting all living things…I just have a problem when the highest of all living things, man, brings  himself so low that when he looks up Satan is all he sees.

And that’s no joke.


One Response to “Meatless Mondays–Satan’s Newest Joke”

  1. dhuisjen2 Says:

    I still want that lentil recipe. Meanwhile, when it comes to diet matters…

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