The Cell Phone’s Greatest Strength

There was a time when super important folks like me (I’m being facetious) could tell our receptionists or secretaries that we could not be interrupted because “we’d be in meeting.”

Even saying the words can make one feel like a giant cog in the wheel.

Except for one glitch–the cell phone–that we carry with us everywhere.

It’s gotten to the point now at our home, if our land-line rings, we know it can’t be anyone who really knows us.

But someone with our private cell…now they have power.

Yesterday, while in a meeting with very important clients, my cell phone rang.

It happened to be the mother of a young lady who is with my daughter (they’re best friends) doing volunteer work in New York City for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

My first thought was that something bad happened, so I answered immediately.

“Hi Jim…the Lebanese lentil recipe your daughter gave me came out terrible, what did I do wrong?”

All I could do was laugh and say, “I can’t answer your questions right now dear, because if I do, I’m sure my clients will laugh at me.”

Almighty God is always in the middle of important meetings.

For those of us who love Him, we have that same power to dial in any time we want.

Later that same day I called Beth back to clear up the recipe issue.

Our pleas to God, because He loves us back more than we can comprehend, will always be answered.

Just remember not to be upset when He makes you wait a bit.

Patience is a virtue and a recipe with no salt or pepper is usually a mistake (no hidden meaning here….I just wanted you to know what went wrong).


One Response to “The Cell Phone’s Greatest Strength”

  1. dhuisjen2 Says:

    Strong thumbs up to your daughter and a request for the Lebanese lentil recipe for me to try as well. 🙂

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