The Rush to a “No News” Conference?

Today, at 1:45 pm, it’s been reported that the President is going to conduct a press conference.

Apparently the chatter from the right-wing media, always the same, combined with a feeding frenzy from the left, motivated by a salacious sex scandal, was too much for the President to ignore.

But don’t get excited.

As sure as I know the difference between Hummoos and Baba Ganoush, this news conference is going to be no revelation at all.

Expect a continuation of the same old stall tactics, promising that “investigations will get to the bottom of things.”

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Weren’t we told during the debates “a thorough investigation into the details of the Benghazi incident would provide America the answers she needs.”?

Jay Carney, the President’s spokesperson guaranteed it–a thousand times.

Let’s look at where the “investigation” is so far.

We have a disappearing Romeo named General Patraeus, a Magellan like Secretary of State, tasting wine in Australia, and a pending press conference by a man who very likely finds this whole Libya thing beneath him.

Tears were shed sure, but not for the families of the four dead Americans, but for the dedication of his campaign staff who put him back in office.

Wow, how moving.

I suggest we all tune in at 1:45 pm eastern time, but only to hear Rush Limbaugh’s commentary, as it happens live.

His sense of humor always helps me cope with bad news.

Or in this case, no news, which is good news for the White House.


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