Calculating the Damage–So Broke

Recently on the Huckabee Show, I heard Mike say, as former Governor of Arkansas, he learned that flood damage takes far longer to tabulate than costs associated with tornadoes or other casualties.

Reason being was the underground damage water can cause on foundations and infrastructure often takes several weeks to fully manifest.

With the flooding from Hurricane Sandy still not receded from the New York Metro area, especially its Subways and Tunnels, many fear that the devastation could be epic.

I even heard our hallowed 9/11 memorial fountains have suffered serious foundational damage.

Talk about a spooky sign.

Is it not possible that the toll on Tri-Staters from this tragedy could rival 9/11’s?

I can’t help but believe those trying to get back to their normal lives need our prayers and support in a far greater way than any of us can comprehend.

This is certainly no laughing matter and those trying to politicize it, like Bill Clinton and Al Gore, by saying this was caused by man-made Global Warming really ought to stop acting like America needs to be lectured by them.

It’s insulting.

Speaking of insults, (meaning I’m about to be guilty of hurling one) I couldn’t help myself yesterday when I first saw a photo of the President greeting Chris Christie in New Jersey.

Laughter is the best medicine, Liberals saw something good…I saw a broke Governor trying to get money from an even more broke President.



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