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Obama Needs a City Manager

November 30, 2012

O.K. Mr. President, you’ve won the popularity contest again…now…here’s the question.

Do you have a plan to solve the fiscal debt/tax crisis?

Are you aware that the ideas you’ve proposed, that made Mitch McConnell LOL, to raise taxes on the rich, with no spending cuts, only bring in enough money to run the government for 8.5 days?

I didn’t think so.

Yesterday you had lunch with Mitt Romney.

He’s a terrible politician, mainly for not picking Marco Rubio as his running-mate  but he’s still a good businessman and an even better nuts and bolts guy.

Here’s an idea.

Make him your City Manager.

You can still retain the title as Mayor…I mean President, but Mr. Romney can run the mundane things like–balancing the books.

It’s a form of government that has swept across the U.S. and what’s great about it, if the City Manager doesn’t work out, you can simply fire him without repercussion.

Congress would retain their role too, like a City Council, still creating law and arguing the direction of the nation.

I see no better solution.

Readers, if you agree, sign your name in the reply area below.

We should be able to raise about fifty million signatures in ten minutes.

That’s about how little time we have to find a leader with a clue.


Definition of Codependency, or, Obama’s Rice Recipe

November 29, 2012

Here’s the Wikipedia definition of the word codependency.

Codependency is defined as a psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is controlled or manipulated by another who is affected with a pathological condition (as in an addiction to alcohol or heroin); and in broader terms, it refers to the dependence on the needs of or control of another. It also often involves placing a lower priority on one’s own needs, while being excessively preoccupied with the needs of others. Codependency can occur in any type of relationship, including family, work, friendship, and also romantic, peer or community relationships. Codependency may also be characterized by denial, low self-esteem, excessive compliance or control patterns.  Narcissists are considered to be natural magnets for the codependent.

I could end today’s blog right here…enough has been said.

Here’s a Jimmy fact: the President took advantage of Susan Rice, using her as a sock puppet, when he sent her onto five Sunday morning talk shows, telling America that the attack on Benghazi, Libya was inspired by a YouTube video.

There’s not one shred of evidence anyone in the intelligence community reported to the White House that a movie trailer was to blame for the terror attack that killed our Ambassador and three other Americans.

Who’s conducting a war on women now?

Do we really want a codependent Secretary of State…again?

Thank You Pittsfield City Council

November 28, 2012

Just when you thought it wasn’t safe to leave your home as a small business owner, something happens that makes you want to stand up and cheer.

Congratulations to the Pittsfield City Council that voted 10-1 opposing a tax increase on already overburdened commercial real estate properties in our community.

Are you sure we’re not in Texas?

I guess when enough people speak the truth–enough times–even a political body in one of the most liberal states in the country can get it right.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s Berkshire Eagle describing how miracles can come true.

By a 10-1 vote Tuesday night, with Ward 2 Councilor Kevin J. Morandi opposed, the council approved a residential property tax rate of $16.70 on every $1,000 of assessed property value. The existing rate is $16.11.

The owner of an average, single-family home assessed at $177,000 would see an increase of $104 — from $2,861 to $2,965 — in their annual tax bill. The rate proposed by Mayor Bianchi and the Board of Assessors would have carried a $65 increase.

The council also approved raising the commercial property tax rate from $32.85 to $34.48. However, a business owner with property valued at $511,000 (the citywide average) would see annual tax bills drop $164 from $17,772 to 17,608. City officials had proposed a $255 increase.

The majority of the council felt the city’s tax proposal would hurt the business community.

“For me, [the mayor’s plan] was going in the wrong direction,” said Ward 6 Councilor John M. Krol Jr. “We need to show we are business friendly.”

Frankly, I’m (almost) speechless.  (another impossibility)

Viva la City Council!

Several years ago, one of our mayors thought it would be a clever idea to break apart the two tax rates, lobbying that the business community could pay a tiny fraction more than the homeowners….Look at the disparity per thousand as of 2012, $16.70 to $34.48.  I’m pretty sure a number–times 2–is no fraction. “Foot in the door” politics works every time.

“Yesterday” When Obama Wasn’t God

November 27, 2012

Younger readers probably have no idea of the controversy John Lennon caused in America because of a statement he made about the Beatles being bigger than Jesus.

Here are exerts from Wiki Answers on the subject.

The full quote in London’s Evening Standard went: “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue about that. I’m right and I will be proved right. We’re more popular than Jesus now. Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick [meaning stupid] and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me. I don’t know which will go first – rock and roll, or Christianity.”

The comment came and went in Britain, with no fanfare; months later, an American teen magazine printed the quote out of context, and it turned into “The Beatles are bigger than Jesus Christ!” (which wasn’t even what he said, or suggested), as the Beatles were on what turned out to be their last concert tour.

Christians in the US did not appreciate the quote very much, and organized public record burnings. Even the Vatican issued a statement: “Some subjects must not be dealt with lightly, even in the world of beatniks.” Under pressure from his bandmates and manager Brian Epstein, Lennon made a public apology at a press conference in Chicago, during the summer of 1966.

Lennon: “I suppose if I had said television was more popular than Jesus, I would have gotten away with it, but I just happened to be talking to a friend and I used the words “Beatles” as a remote thing, not as what I think – as Beatles, as those other Beatles like other people see us. I just said “they” are having more influence on kids and things than anything else, including Jesus. But I said it in that way which is the wrong way.”

John, America did eventually forgive you for insulting God.

Sadly, you could very easily have gotten away with it today, and nothing… absolutely nothing, would have been said about it.

Here’s proof.

Academia and Obamacare

November 26, 2012

It was only a matter of time before the ugly truth about the cost of Obamacare started stirring the pot at our institutions of higher learning.

A Pennsylvania Community College is being forced by budget restraints to cut the work schedules of hundreds of their young instructors and adjunct professors to numbers below 30 hours per week.

If not, the Allegheny County CC would be out nearly $6 million dollars annually.

For those of you with any knowledge on how these schools work, then you understand there’s no war chest they can dip into that can keep things hunky dory, providing “free” health care for all.

In the President’s world, only evil white businessmen in the private sector would stoop this low.

This is Obama’s America.

I wonder if any of the tenured professors will be willing to give up part of their salary to raise that six million dollars?

If not, they may actually have to correct a few papers on their own.

Those hard-working grad-students they relied on won’t be paying much rent without a real income either.

Sounds to me like there’ll be a few more kids moving back home with mom and dad in the region.

At least they’ll have free pennants to put up on their wall.

Go team!

Hoping for Success is Success

November 25, 2012

I can still hear my father, whenever anyone set out to achieve something difficult.

If you want to be successful in life,

throw away your watch,

and throw away your calendar

In other words, reaching goals does not mean there needs to be a joy-loss if they take longer than expected to obtain.

And, things worth fighting for are also worth waiting for.

Recently, a post card, originally sent in 1943 was delivered to its intended street address–seven decades late.

But it still got there.

That’s a successful transaction for the U.S. Post Office.

All too often we look at God as our personal Fed-X man.

He’s anything but.

His infinite wisdom is well aware of our needs.

Delays, whether we agree or not, are impeccably timed…in His Providence and Perfect Will.

Don’t give up…success never needs to be measured by time…only by hope.

My Class Reunion–More Than a Feeling

November 24, 2012

Tonight I’ll be attending my Taconic High 35th class reunion.

The idea we’ve been out of school twice as many years as the age most of us were at graduation–17/18–is hard to fathom.

I have thousands of happy memories from those years and am grateful not to be one of those poor kids who look back at school days with disdain.

If you are and for any reason my antics are part of your unpleasant past, please accept my sincerest apologies.

God has a way of balancing things out in our lives.

I hope I’m less of a #@^%* now…(fill in the noun).  If you disagree, tell me tonight, at the ITAM, I can take it.

God also knows difficult times we endured allow us to grow into better people.

Feelings we had of rejection or anger are part of the potter’s plan that molded us into a wiser parent, or a harder worker, or a more active citizen.

The facts about who you are, are more real than the feelings about what you were.

Keep up the good work.

Here’s one of those awesome memories…Springfield Civic Center, in a Ford Van with a gang of classmates…Mark, Jamie, Sean, Timmy, Glenn, Del and probably a few more that my growing gray matter have partially eclipsed.

Why We Care

November 23, 2012

One of the nicest things about visiting family on the holidays is getting to see all the new babies that have arrived.

Yesterday, our one-year-old grandson stole the show, walking around jibber-jabbering and hugging everyone.

One young mom, with her first baby in tow said something profound.

She talked about how she knew that life with a newborn would be difficult, with the loss of sleep and all.

But she also said life before the baby was good, but not nearly as good as it is with a baby…and that only the birth of that child brought clarity to the joy of parenting.

So true.

We are made in the likeness and image of God.

He told us to go forth and multiply (pro-create).

Like God, we are totally invested in our biological creations, and the powerful love we experience is based in our spiritual connection to the Divine nature of God, that He has so generously imparted to us as parents.

Love your family as you give thanks and you will never want for anything else.

Happy Thanksgiving.

A Thanksgiving Fit–For an Atheist

November 22, 2012

While pondering things I should be thankful for this morning, I couldn’t help but feel distracted by all the bad news lately.

In particular, the success of atheists in court.

Well…it looks like we can finally chock one up for the God guys.

If this isn’t the best use of the court system…

Please join me in thanksgiving for Oklahoma District Court Judge Mike Norman.

Here’s the entire article, as reported by;

By the way, that howling sound you’re hearing isn’t the wind…it’s the neighborhood secular humanist, screaming in unison with Satan himself.

A district judge in Oklahoma has generated new controversy by sentencing a teenager to 10 years of church attendance, even though the judge admits it’s not constitutional.

Religion News Services reports Judge Mike Norman gave Tyler Alred, 17, a 10-year deferred sentence for DUI manslaughter. Alred was driving a pickup truck that crashed and killed a passenger in December 2011.

In deferring the sentence, the judge not only ordered Alred to a decade of church attendance, but also required him to finish high school and welding school.

Alred’s attorney and the victim’s family agreed to the terms of the sentence.

The ACLU in Oklahoma calls the church requirement a “clear violation of the First Amendment.”

Judge Norman, who has recommended church as part of sentencing in some past cases, admits the church attendance part of the sentence won’t hold up legally but doubts either side in the case will appeal.

He says the sentence was the right thing to do.

The ACLU is considering its options, but according to RNS an individual or organization must have legal standing to challenge the constitutionality of the church attendance requirement.

If you’re wondering why I’m not worried about this holding up in court, it’s because it can only be challenged by the defendant or the plaintiff.

Thankfully, the attorney for the client and the victim’s family both agreed to this truly redemptive sentence.

Only an atheist would prefer jail time for this young man.

So compassionate–aren’t they?


Is America the New Titanic?

November 21, 2012

Now, before you jump to the final sentence…think about this.

On the Titanic, there were three classes of people.

The super-wealthy.

The peasant-like poor.

And one more…can you guess who they are?

No, it’s not a suffering laborers’ union.

It’s the working class…the sailors, engine-room team and server staff, who made the ship run.

When the Captain loses his sensibilities and decides to take risks with the vessel,  because he thinks it’s too big to fail, that’s when trouble is on the horizon.

Mr. President, we ship workers don’t really want to die.

In fact, the peasants, who you think adore you, are not looking for a handout at all, they’re looking for opportunity.

And the super wealthy?

You can’t expect their money to keep a sinking ocean-liner afloat.

Here’s the most ironic part.

Remember what happened when the Titanic was going down?

It was the super-wealthy who were loaded onto the lifeboats.

The sailors and peasants were left behind.

Your schemes of redistribution are no better than the Titanic’s Captain forging ahead into an iceberg.

I just feel badly for the peasants and the workers.

We deserve a better captain.