Obama’s Lost Movie-Op

I don’t recommend this blog for fans of the President, at least until the election is over.

I’m tired of beating around the bush.

Now that my liberal readers have “x’d out”, is it me, or does Obama seem a bit sick to his stomach lately?

That smug look seems to have been replaced by a queasy frown.

I can’t prove this and I risk the “I’m offended” lecture from the President, but he almost seems relieved that Hurricane Sandy came along, so he can try campaigning in a more Presidential fashion.

Sure, Governor Christie said the President talked with him three times and promised federal funding wouldn’t be held up by red-tape.

Good luck with that Mr. Christie.

You do realize you were given promises by a guy who may be getting fired in less than a week–right?

I think Mayor Bloomberg had a much better read on things.

Mike said, thanks but no thanks–please stay out of New York.

There’s way too much to do to get lower Manhattan fixed and a desperate candidate running around with a mop in his hand would only suck up valuable resources.

According to Gallup polls, most voters have wised up.

With the newly released photo-op from the situation room of the Pres. connecting the dots on a piece of paper, one wonders, where are those same photos from the night our Embassy was attacked in Libya?

Whenever the President says “we’re still conducting an investigation” I have to laugh.

Had Obama done the right thing, taking advise from his Military and Intelligence advisers, and also General Ham (relieved of his duties during the middle of the incident for wanting to aid the Americans under attack) there’d be a full length movie about it by now…starring our Smug Leader.

Maybe he’ll be the next Denzel Washington?

He is a great actor.


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