Trouble in Massachusetts

Before any of you get the crazy idea that I’m about to predict victory for Romney in Massachusetts, let’s get real.

Obama is the last of the Kennedy brothers remember?

There are though, a few signs which might be used as a barometer for how the President is doing nationally.

In the 2008 election Obama took 62% of the vote vs. John McCain’s 36%.

As of 9/28/12, per the WBUR/MassINC. poll, Obama was at 60%…virtually the same number.

No problem, except for the fact that the weather around here can change pretty quickly.

That same polling agency, as of 10/22/12, has Obama at…wait, let’s have some fun.

Raise your hand when you think you’ve found the right number.






If you guessed anything but the number that reflects a 14% drop, you’d be too high.

Might it be that his best friends here in the State, folks like Governor Deval Patrick, have done everything they can to tick off as many people as possible?

Remember, the Massachusetts legislature is almost 90% Democrat.

They’re the ones that attached a law to the budget saying EBT/Welfare cards could not be used for tattoos, guns, pornography and body piercings.

Our Governor (deeply offended like his buddy Obama so often is lately) line-item-vetoed that clause, saying there were enough laws in place.

Next up; a 152 out of 160 member override to that veto by a Democrat House and a voice vote veto by the Senate.

Sounds like a mini-war brewing to me.

Things are not well here in Massachusetts and a strong turn out in support of a very likable U.S. Senator Scott Brown could–almost miraculously–turn Massachusetts red.

Oops…I said it and I promised that wouldn’t happen.

So I lied…call me a politician.


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