My Binder Full of Fun

I had the privilege of attending a Halloween Party in the neighborhood this weekend.

If you guessed that I dressed as Mitt Romney you’d be getting a bit carried away.

But correct.

I even brought an orange binder full of women.

Thanks to the magic of Facebook, the women I had on each page were those I knew would be at the party.

I made little Governor Romney type notes next to each picture, saying things like, “she’d make a great secretary of education” etc…

I even had a photo of Natalie, joking that she’d make a great sister-wife for Anne–Mormon chide.

The bottom line about this election, because I feel the conservative movement is winning, is that we must keep rolling with the fun of our message.

We’re the ones with the hope and change this time.

When Anne Romney said at the Republican Convention, “Mitt will not fail” I believed her.

For those great folks you meet who might be persuaded to vote for Romney/Ryan, but still won’t commit, remember to ask these few questions.

  • Do you defend Obama cancelling the Keystone Pipeline?
  • Do you defend the half billion dollars given to Solyndra and their CEO and CFO pleading the 5th in front of Congress?
  • Do you defend nothing being done to help our Ambassador in Benghazi when he called for help three times?
  • Do you defend our Secretary of State and President buying airtime in Pakistan apologizing for a video?
  • Do you defend Obama saying about small business “you didn’t build that on your own”?

If you keep these thoughts in your heart, the binder that goes with you everywhere, you just might be able to spook a few folks into accepting the Truth.Mitt with Supporter


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