Nature’s October Surprise

For those not sure what “October surprise” means, it’s a last-minute attempt by a candidate in a Presidential race to change momentum.

It usually come as a shock, like the revelation four days before the 2,000 election that George W. Bush had a drunk driving conviction in Maine.

What politician hasn’t been arrested in Maine?

Sadly for Al Gore, it had some impact, but not enough of one in Florida.

Whatever the President has planned, as he’s the one with the power to blow something up, front page news will be harder to pull off, with hurricane Sandy slamming the coast.

What’s even worse, the hurricane looks to be one that won’t end for several days and news about its destruction will continue through the weekend.

Sorry Mr. Obama, unless you have a plan to lower the sea levels, like you did in ’08, it looks like you’ll have to run on your record.

What a wash out.

Stay safe people…do not test nature…it’s undefeated.


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