Lie to America–Suck-up to Pakistan

If you watched the second debate, you saw CNN reporter Candy Crowley tag team Mitt Romney over what the President tried to say regarding the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Somehow she had a copy of the President’s speech in the Rose Garden from September 12th, 2012, neatly placed on her podium.

I wonder how that got there?

Correctly, Mitt Romney accused Obama of blaming a video for the death of four Americans.

Wrongly, Crowley and Obama tried to piece together a weak defense, which came at the end of the speech, about how terrorism is wrong.

If you’re that stubborn, and still believe Obama never blamed a video, then please explain why he and Hillary Clinton made this commercial, with Pakistani subtitles, to be aired in Pakistan?

It cost our government $70,000 to have it aired.

America is always guilty of doing something wrong when it comes to Obama.

Terrorists are just misunderstood.

We won’t be wrong on November 6th.

Nor will be misunderstood.

Unless of course you cheat again, like you did with Candy Crowley.

One last thing…

Obama forgot to say–“except for Catholics.”


2 Responses to “Lie to America–Suck-up to Pakistan”

  1. dhuisjen2 Says:

    To state the obvious:
    1. Everything in those statements is factually true.
    2. Making those statements to the Pakistani people just might save hundreds of lives.

    To say that this justifies “misunderstood terrorists” ignores the last sentence the president uttered within the clip you attached.

    The fact that Romney is not accustomed to being called on his blatant lies by moderators does not mean that he was “tag-teamed.” Crowley is a journalistic professional who considers it to be part of her job to know the facts and keep her sources honest. If Romney finds that offensive that’s really not her fault.

    But hey, if you’ve chosen who you’re going to hate, any excuse will do…

    I’m not at all confident that the American people (on either side) are capable of determining when they are being lied to when lies are what they want to here. All I know for sure is that if Romney is elected it will severely reduce the rest of the world’s respect for Americans in general (not that most Americans would care) and it will make basic Marxist theory regarding the inevitable decline of the middle class under capitalism start to look quite plausible again. I rather hope that doesn’t happen.

  2. dhuisjen2 Says:

    P.S., wrong here/hear there. Mea culpa.

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