Romney Rejects Coaching–Who’s Flip-Flopping Now?

The biggest talking head of all, Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly, was incensed that Governor Romney went soft on Obama during the last debate, with regard to what he knew about Benghazi, Libya.

As my hero Charles Krauthammer tried to talk Papa Bear down from his tower last night, reminding Bill that Romney doesn’t need to score points, he needs to run out the clock, by maintaining a Presidential demeanor, I was reminded of a Pop Warner football game from my childhood.

Our team was the Giants and we were in first place with one game remaining.

All we had to do was beat the Browns to win the league.

We were leading in the contest with less than a minute to go and we had the ball on the 20 yard line.

Two running plays and it would’ve ended in victory.

Our head coach decided it would be fun to throw a pass, just because we were doing so well…and we hadn’t thrown one yet all game.

Bad idea.

A lightning fast kid on the other team intercepted that pass running it back 80 yards for the Browns win.

I can still see our quarterback crying after the game.

The other day I made mention that Governor Romney reminded me of my dad.

One of dad’s favorite sayings was “don’t fight for something that’s coming your way.”

CBS News–not Fox–this morning is hammering the White House on Benghazi, because of emails they uncovered proving Obama knew within two hours this was terrorism, not a video.


The Truth always finds its way out of the Jeannie bottle, and now that Governor Romney has nothing to do with this hog pile, the White House is on an island with their best friend, the media, having turned on them.

Great decision Governor, not to throw a pass that might have been intercepted.

All the Left has left, is to accuse Romney of being a flip-flopper.

Seems a bit ironic when the President now has no choice but to end his Presidency defending his flip-flopping tale of two Benghazis.


2 Responses to “Romney Rejects Coaching–Who’s Flip-Flopping Now?”

  1. dril Says:

    Romney can really do no wrong, can he? If he talks about Benghazi, it’s a show of presidential strength. If he doesn’t, it’s a show of presidential prudence. I know you feel that it’s your job to evangelize for the man, but your treatment of Romney sounds like how Soviet Communists internally justified any negative information they would hear about Stalin… “No, no, what you have been told was a mistake was actually a carefully planned move that will support the cause.” I could honestly see myself voting for Romney; his economic plan is probably more fully realized than that of Obama, all things considered. But every time you post one of your slavish, pro-Romney rants that read more as propaganda than analysis, I feel less and less likely to do this.

  2. jmassery Says:

    Dril, I always appreciate your point of view…thanks again for participating.

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