Chris Matthews Empties Obama’s Trunk

One of the easiest ways companies can learn what their weaknesses are is to figure out a way to hear a sales pitch from the competition.

They know.

The reason they’re so well-informed is because the most common thing thrown at them, during their attempt at closing a deal, is why it is your product (their competition) may be better.

Years ago I sold Toyotas.

The Camry was our best-selling model and during every sales presentation I’d open the trunk and show them our full size spare tire.

Talking about it wasn’t enough…I wanted the image of that beautiful rescue device seared into their psyche.

I also knew the Honda Accord and Ford Taurus, our biggest competitors, had scrawny little do-nut tires they preferred to call “temporary tires.”

I was indirectly telling my customers what was wrong with my opponents’ product, by promoting what was right about ours.

Features and benefits 101…it worked well.

Today I stumbled across some criticism of President Obama.

Sadly for my Democrat friends, it’s not from a Republican, which would make it so easy to ignore.

It’s from Obama’s biggest cheerleader, Chris Matthews, and he’s being brutally honest.

You see–in politics–because there’s so much insincerity and bias, even more so than in business, the only way to know your flaws is to listen to what your friends are saying behind your back.

Mr. Obama, you needed to get some of that junk (disdain for Congress) out of your trunk a long time ago.

It might be too late now.

Even you said, if you couldn’t get it done in four years you’d be like that temporary tire.

Don’t worry sir, those Secret Service moving vans have plenty of trunk space for all your stuff…I’d just hate getting an eviction notice in winter.


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