Libya NO–Abortion–YES (O.K. Obama–You Win)

The timing and topic of the final debate–on foreign policy tomorrow night–couldn’t be any worse for President Obama (or any better for Governor Romney).

As real information (not trial balloons and lies about cartoon-ish videos) finally gets to the public, we learn way more than Barack and Hillary feel we have a right to know.

Now even the world’s most pompous man has joined in–John Kerry.

Lefty news networks, like CNN and MSNBC, want Americans to think that this election has nothing to do with our bad economy, our crippling debt, our raging unemployment, our housing slump, our family income loss, our credit downgrade, our healthcare tax/sham, our runaway entitlements…and on…and on…and on.

The only talking points they and the regime want to hear is all about the Catholic war on women.

They prefer to call it the “Republican” war–let’s be real, Catholics owns this debate on the violation of conscience, not people with little (r)’s after their name.

Adding misery to the Democrat’s mix is an inconvenient attack on our embassy, on 9/11, that more and more reveals our Ambassador may very well be the victim of a political choice.

That’s right, I said choice.

Evidence is mounting that the one feather Obama thought he had in his cap, foreign policy, and the end of al Qaeda, was not strong enough to hold up under a narrative forced to admit Libya was an unwanted pregnancy.

Calls for help from the consulate in Benghazi (let’s call it the womb) went unanswered–then denied, as if it was far too personal to discuss.

Remember how offended Obama was in debate two?

Wow…we should be so ashamed that our zealous intolerance has violated the President’s right to choose–then mourn privately.

Who cares that it was four fully functioning American’s dedicated to promoting peace…the administration simply could not afford to bring them home.

You see, saving the Ambassador’s life would have threatened the life of the mother-

It’s O.K. to finish the sentence…at least in your mind.

I did.


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