Boston Sports Legends Speak Out

For those of yous in Massachusetts still not convinced Senator Scott Brown deserves to be re-elected, this video could be the full court press that helps run out the clock.

His challenger might not think this means too much.

Kind of like the time Scott’s last opponent thought standing outside Boston Garden, shaking hands with Bruins fans, was too demeaning. (Scott didn’t.)

Word of that icing infraction got around and Martha Coakley fell to earth.

The race in Massachusetts is close.

Mainly because folks around here still think Obama’s record is Bush’s fault.

Old New England Yankees hate to forgive, unless your name is Kennedy and you drown your secretary…then you’re a lion.

As for Scott’s opponent, just remember, Al Gore was the hero who invented the Internet, and Elizabeth Warren was the heroine who inspired Occupy Wall Street.

Such a feather in her cap.

Oops…sorry, someone might think that’s racist and write me another hate letter.

And by the way…that Fred Smerlas character you’re about to see.

I ask you…who could argue with that supa-stah?

I’m sure there must be at least one reader out there who remembers me dressing up as Jo Jo White for a pep rally at Crosby Jr. High in 1973.  Nobody had team jersey’s back then.  I cut the words Jo Jo out of some white fabric my mom had and taped it to a hoop shirt.


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