Please Proceed Governor

Forgive me for not remembering exactly what it was that caused President Obama to say to Mitt Romney, in last night’s debate at Hofstra University, “please proceed governor.”

I could look it up, but, it hardly matters.

On every point Romney made about the President’s current record on the economy, foreign policy, healthcare costs, energy prices, our national debt, the only thing Obama wanted to do was change the subject, then attack his opponent for being a successful businessman.

True, Obama was more alive than the last debate.

But that wouldn’t be hard.

My wife’s potpourri was more alive in the first debate.

For those not sure if the President made headway last night, I encourage you to watch Frank Luntz’s focus group in the swing State of Nevada.

My favorite part is when the woman who looks like Justice Ginsberg said, “her undecided vote was not between Romney and Obama, but between Romney and not voting.”

If there are others like her, that doesn’t bode well for four more Obama years.


Please proceed to the White House Governor Romney.

Mr. President, please make your way to the timeout chair, for lying about Benghazi.

You must think the rest of the country is as dumb as I am.


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