Hillary and the Upper-Cuttin’ Bus Driver

If you haven’t seen the video yet of the rowdy young woman on a bus in Cleveland, harassing the old bus driver, here’s your chance.

There might be just cause for a woman to get hit in the face every now and then–but–as far as I’m concerned, that man pushed the envelope.

What he should’ve done was simply kick her off the bus.

I can’t imagine, when he trained for his job, there was a provision for such brutality.

Listen, I’m not trying to fix that young lady up with any of my sons or nephews, I’m just saying, that beat down was not acceptable in any way.

Speaking of things not right, let’s take a look at the cover up in Benghazi, Libya, over the security shortfall at our embassy and the death of four Americans at the hands of terrorists, including our Ambassador.

How inconvenient this was, considering Obama is trying to drive his bus to a second term.

His route lately was acting as if he’s solved all U.S. foreign relations problems with his overwhelmingly powerful personality.

Such bad timing, this bump in the road.

Especially with his trip to Vegas and all.

We even have to endure bold-faced lies by Joe Biden to start his VP debate against Paul Ryan, with an absurd excuse that “the Administration” had no idea more security was requested.

Who is “the Administration” Joe?

Did you mean convenient store owners with slight Indian accents?

Nothing Joe Biden did or said during the debate deflected the heat over Benghazi to satisfy the 16 trillion-dollar bus driver.

A new turn in the road was needed.

So…Barack decides he needs a girl to take the upper cut from an irate electorate.

Mr. President, it’s O.K. to take responsibility once in a while.

You might even find it refreshing.

Here’s another question…If you thought your phony trumped-up Republican war on women was such a good idea, please explain why then you’re hiding behind our female Secretary of State?

America can see right through you.

You sucker punched a girl.

She might be partly responsible for the lapse in security, but you still should not have let her take that punch.

That was so very much against the rules of chivalry.

Watch this very “non-political” video and you tell me what’s going on here.


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