Book Review–The Amateur–By Edward Klein

It’s easy to be interested in a book by a Washington insider and former NY Times editor, that, from the very beginning promises not to cover up the truth about what’s really going on inside the White House.

This book doesn’t guarantee one will know everything, though it feels like  it does.

From a health and safety standpoint it also assures the world that Edward Klein is on the “if looks could kill” Michelle Obama hit list.

Yikes…that’s a fright few could survive.

The bottom line about the President’s narcissism, reminds me a lot of my own.

At my very first Pittsfield City Council meeting, way back in 1998, I must have submitted at least five petitions for change in our community.  (I was way too smart to sit back and learn a few things.)

All of which I believed could be accomplished by the end of the meeting.

Yes, I was that naive.

One of them included building a municipal golf course, even though it had already been tried before.

My point is that fat headed people like Barack and I, often start our careers with plates a bit too full.

At the end of my four years on the City Council, I must admit, my greatest accomplishment was convincing the traffic commission to allow parking on Edwin Street, near the Crowne Plaza Hotel parking garage.

I really mean that.

At least my intentions were altruistic, not ideological.

That free parking strip is still there.

Not so true for the President.

Obamacare is dead if Romney wins and the debt that’s been run up is historic.

Barack’s intentions in the West Wing, protected by a body-guard named Valerie Jarrett, are so covered with blinders, even Oprah has been shut out and turned off.

I recommend The Amateur.

If you read this blog and enjoy it, you’ll doubly enjoy Mr. Klein’s new book.

It’s a fun read, peppered with inside scoops and written by someone who seems to know the President cannot win again in November.

You know how I feel about that game ending putt.


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