Biden vs. Ryan, a Gaffe a Minute

Thank God I have an intelligent and sensitive wife.

All too often, when in a social situation, my wife will elbow me and whisper in my ear that I’m being rude, for having just interrupted someone with whom I was in conversation.

Joe Biden’s wife apparently didn’t have elbows long enough to reach the stage last night, during the Vice Presidential debate.

Whenever Natalie does correct me, I always feel like a jackass, especially since I had no idea I was being boorish.

It turns out, the older and clearly less wise Joe Biden, stepped on Paul Ryan’s toes a total of 82 times.

Once a minute.

I remember a nun I had in fourth grade named Sister Henry Laura, she was slender and tall, with blonde hair, the same color as Martha Raddatz’s, the moderator.

It was the first time I had ever seen a nun’s hair…she was mod, but not too stern…much like Martha–who only corrected Joe once, but when she did it was delightful to watch.

There’s no doubt in my mind Paul Ryan outclassed Joe Biden last night, with his polite and professional demeanor and sensitive closing remarks, looking right at the camera into America’s living room.

He had Tebow-like charm, and not once did I hear Ryan use an “um” or an “ah.”

Many people have a nervous reaction that includes a laugh, when they’ve been put on the spot.

It’s fine in conversation…not so fine in a nationally televised debate.

The 82 interruptions were in part, indicative of how easy it was for Ryan to point out Obama’s failures as a leader.

I especially liked the line that Obama’s speeches were all that existed when it came to him setting policy.

Joe, you were supposed to be attacking Romney and Ryan last night, but you did a much better job attacking yourself.

You get an “F” in debate etiquette.

Let’s roll the tape so you can see how badly you needed your wife at the party.


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