Presidential Cover Up, Past–Present–Future

The deeper I get into the book The Amateur, the easier it is to understand what’s really going on in the cover up regarding the September 11th attack on our embassy in Libya.

Testimony yesterday on Capital hill helped us get a clearer picture that our Ambassador and his staff were not at all to blame for falsely believing they were safe in Benghazi.

Numerous requests for additional security simply went ignored.

As for the reasons…let’s leave that up to God and the American people.

I believe Under Secretary Kennedy, who has served under five Secretaries of State, when he said there was no political smoking gun connected to their lapse in arms and troops.

Here’s what I don’t believe; that former President Clinton, current President Obama, and wannabe President Hillary are all singing from the same sheet of music.

You might be thinking, what does Bill have to do with this?


Number one, he wants back in the White House, even if he has to bake cookies and be the “First Husband” to get there.

Number two, President Obama needs a scapegoat in the worst way, for very obvious reasons…his polling numbers are heading south and more bad news widens Romney’s lead.

Number three, if Hillary accepts the role of “the one to blame” and donates her head to satisfy public outrage, she helps Obama, while hurting both her husband’s legacy and the slim chance she has of becoming commander in Chief…something she badly desires.

Are there politics being played among this overly ambitious trinity?

I’ll let you decide.

This isn’t over.


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