A Sesame Street Game the President Doesn’t Get

I can’t help but laugh at the irony behind President Obama’s insistence on making this election about anything but his economic record.

His campaign’s latest theme is “capitalizing” on a comment Mitt Romney made to cut funding for things that might require a loan from China to pay for them…such as PBS.

Speaking of capitalizing, the next time you have a birthday party for a child turning one or two, like we just did, I want you to Count how many of the gifts have either Big Bird, or Elmo, or any other Sesame Street character recreated in all their charming glory.

Toy royalties, pouring into the U.S. from factories in China, just might be in the hundreds of millions.

Sounds like capitalism to me.

It’s also interesting to note that the CEO of the Children’s Television Workshop is not a volunteer named Gordon.

The position pays $ 1 million a year…a bit more than Mr. Hooper ever made selling apples.


Here we have a President whose primary goal is to make the wealthy man poorer, with higher taxes, going up against a candidate whose primary goal is to make the poor man wealthier, with a job and opportunity.

Yet the prior likes the idea of government subsidies for what might be the strongest, most capitalistic brand ever created, when it comes to our children…Sesame Street.

I can only think of one other brand that rivals Sesame Street.

If you can guess what it is then you’re not a Mickey Mouse reader.

Seems to me like the Children’s Television Workshop needs to do a program on how capitalism works, so kids named Barry can understand it better.

And for those of you wondering why Sesame Street had such a fit over the Democrats using Big Bird’s image in an anti-Romney ad, you might just want to ask yourself…what would happen if even 10% of the conservatives in this country boycotted the Sesame Street brand for a year?

Don’t worry, that’s a terrible idea…my grandson would throw a fit without Elmo.


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