Biden For President, ’88 and ’08

It seems as though the President has decided to give himself a break until Thursday.

That is to say, he won’t have to worry about Joe Biden making any gaffes–until the debate with Paul Ryan.

Biden has been sent home to Delaware, removed from the campaign trail…supposedly to study up for his now far more important clash with his Republican counterpart.

There’s a real sense of irony here that’s going largely unnoticed.

Joe Biden, even with his propensity for easily misunderstood odd comments, probably still believes he would’ve made a better President than Obama.

How dare I make such a statement?

Joe Biden threw his hat in the ring, not just once, in 1998, but again in 2008.

Wasn’t that the same year that a certain super-human Hawaiian came to prominence, first against Hilary Clinton, then again countering John McCain?

The President’s debate performance was so pathetic that Democrats now are looking to Biden as if he’s Tom Brady coming off the bench after Drew Bledsoe got knocked out of game two of the 2001 Patriots’ season.

For those of you who eat clam chowdah regularly, you remember how well that turned out–Super Bowl victory number 1.

I’m currently reading an interesting book that I’ll review in a future blog.

In it, insiders have reported that time and again Biden was the one cautioning the President about going too far to the left with his radical policy ideas.

But, every time, a certain in-House dietitian persuaded her hubby to man the torpedoes and sink the enemy…the U.S. economy.

That’s right folks, Biden secretly opposed Obamacare.

Considering that it’s growing more and more plausible that Barack Obama could be a one-termer, maybe the Democrats got it wrong….at least in ’08…when they chose a family, hell-bent on bringing America backwards by 100 years.

Good luck on Thursday Joe…no pressure…even though it’s all on you to win this.


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