Who’s Your Daddy?

One of the most defining things about my life is the influence of my father.

Liberals, especially feminists, who try to press the concept that families are better off without a strong father-figure, have no basis for their idea other than anger or resentment, for something that may have happened to them growing up.

Yes…I believe it’s that simple–shoot me.

Fact; every child has a capacity to love a father and a mother.

That’s one of the main reasons why the Lord Jesus came to earth through Mary, to elevate women–and–because He needed to have the entire human experience.

When Jesus was 12, He was lost for three days in Jerusalem, separated from His Mother and Saint Joseph.

His response when they found Him in the Temple?

“Did you not know that I would be in my Father’s House?”

Those of you who have read the book, Roots of Obama’s Rage, or seen the movie 2016, realize the President also yearned for his real father–Barack Obama Sr.

That yearning went unfilled, having only met him twice.

In a way, Obama is a feminist.

He believes something else–Government–is just as capable of running America’s families as is the traditional way, of self-governance and with strong families that require a father-figure.

As any young boy would be, jilted by a dad, I believe he’s hurt…just like the ladies I mentioned above.

Many years ago I had a boss who was a spoiled brat.

One day he pushed me over the edge and through the communion of Saints and the power of the Holy Spirit, I lit into him with a thirty minute “Ed Massery” style lecture, about what it meant to appreciate those around him.

I could feel my father speaking through me.

If you ever experienced an Ed Massery sermon you know what I mean…if not, my dad had a way with words…he could sell sand to a Saudi and make him come back for more.

Instead of getting fired, this spoiled brat soaked up every word.


His heart craved a Godly father-figure, stern enough to speak truth, which he never heard before.

Throughout my rant there was a smirk on his face similar to the one you’re about to see.

As I watched the Governor schooling Barack, I had a similar sense that President Obama didn’t totally hate the debate, or the way he was lectured.

It may have been a bit embarrassing, but I think it connected with him.

Is Obama a spoiled brat?

You decide.

For those brief 90 minutes, Romney may have been that father-figure Obama never had, shaming him a little bit yes, but in a very loving way.

Is Obama a victim?

Only God can answer that.

It’s not my job to judge hearts, nor is it yours.

The video below says it all.

I didn’t see anger in the President’s face…I saw relief.

What do you see?


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