Romney vs. Obama–No Debate–No Mas

If you watched the debate last night and you’re a fan of President Obama, you probably feel a bit like I did when Mohammed Ali lost to Joe Frazier in their first contest, nicknamed, The Fight of the Century, 1971.

I was dejected and could hardly wait for the rematch.

There were two more battles that Ali eventually won.

It was interesting to watch the pundits after the debate using one boxing analogy after another, to describe what they saw.

To me, Obama appeared confused, because he is confused.

He appeared annoyed, because he is annoying.

He appeared weak, because he is weak.

For Governor Romney it was the opposite.

He appeared confident, because he is confident.

He appeared informed, because he is informed.

He appeared strong, because he is strong.

All this week I kept playing out in my mind, what kind of fight strategy Mitt needed to win.

The term “body shots,” kept popping up.

In other words, going for the head, with insults and heady talk, would have played right into Obama’s game.

Romney never took that bait.

His “body shots” were simply the facts about our current economy.

Mitt hit the President in the gut so many times from beginning to end that Obama’s desperate looks at the moderator almost seemed like he was clutching his opponent to stop the body blows so he could catch his breath.

As the bell rang on the last round there was liberal blood spattered on every spectator in America…but for those of us dreaming of a new direction, that carnage was an answer to prayer.

Mr. President, here’s a recommendation for you on how to survive the next two debates…call in sick, or start World War III.

You were definitely in the wrong weight class last night.

If you think I’m biased in my assessment, please check out the reaction of Mr. Obama’s biggest cheerleader on MSNBC, Chris Matthews.

This is the same guy who said he felt a thrill going up his leg during an Obama speech.

It sounds like that thrill has turned into a game ending cramp.

PS…The term “No Mas” in the headline is a reference to another boxing match, where Roberto Duran famously gave up after a terrible beating he took.


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