President’s Corner Man Throws in the Towel Already

As level-headed Americans around the country watched this administration spin one tale after another with regard to the terror attack on our Embassy in Libya, it was obvious how much of a pass this President has had from tough questioning since day one of his term.

A good boxer needs to do more than hit the punching bag.

The hundreds of speeches that the President has given over the past four years criticizing Republicans, as he promotes the silly narrative of class warfare, can only take him so far.

On Wednesday night that punching bag will come to life and start hitting back.

Anyone knows that a great boxer has to have sparring partners.

Since we know very little about the President’s work ethic in College (no one knows his grades, or S.A.T. scores, or anything about him from that era) it’s safe to assume that he may not be the best student.

If he was then why hide all that info?

Three days of warm ups with John Kerry?

That’s it folks.

Softball tosses from the likes of MSNBC, the View and 60 Minutes, have been his steady diet.

No one, not one person on the left, has done the President any favors by treating him like his policies are untouchable.

The day of reckoning is at hand and now the DNC can sense it.

Here’s a direct excerpt from yesterday’s New York Post.

Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse tells Fox News he thinks Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will win.

Woodhouse says the way the DNC sees it, challengers win the first debate when they are up against incumbents.

“Mitt Romney has had a lot more time to debate, the president has not debated in the past four years in terms, of a campaign debate. I think the president will hold his own, but he’s not known for sound bites. And these are 60 second, 90 second responses.”

Woodhouse says Democrats are “trying to be realistic about expectations” because the president is “lucky to be able to devote three consecutive hours to debate preparation.”

I agree with Mr. Woodhouse, except for one point…he should have said, “the President is not known for good soundbites.”

Who can forget the time he attacked small business owners saying “you didn’t build that?”

In case you forgot, watch what happens when there’s no teleprompter to suck on.

This my friends, is not a man with a solid foundation for his ideologies.

My prediction–a TKO in round 3–the liberal moderator might even try to stop the fight to keep his man from getting hurt worse.


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