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Obama’s Lost Movie-Op

October 31, 2012

I don’t recommend this blog for fans of the President, at least until the election is over.

I’m tired of beating around the bush.

Now that my liberal readers have “x’d out”, is it me, or does Obama seem a bit sick to his stomach lately?

That smug look seems to have been replaced by a queasy frown.

I can’t prove this and I risk the “I’m offended” lecture from the President, but he almost seems relieved that Hurricane Sandy came along, so he can try campaigning in a more Presidential fashion.

Sure, Governor Christie said the President talked with him three times and promised federal funding wouldn’t be held up by red-tape.

Good luck with that Mr. Christie.

You do realize you were given promises by a guy who may be getting fired in less than a week–right?

I think Mayor Bloomberg had a much better read on things.

Mike said, thanks but no thanks–please stay out of New York.

There’s way too much to do to get lower Manhattan fixed and a desperate candidate running around with a mop in his hand would only suck up valuable resources.

According to Gallup polls, most voters have wised up.

With the newly released photo-op from the situation room of the Pres. connecting the dots on a piece of paper, one wonders, where are those same photos from the night our Embassy was attacked in Libya?

Whenever the President says “we’re still conducting an investigation” I have to laugh.

Had Obama done the right thing, taking advise from his Military and Intelligence advisers, and also General Ham (relieved of his duties during the middle of the incident for wanting to aid the Americans under attack) there’d be a full length movie about it by now…starring our Smug Leader.

Maybe he’ll be the next Denzel Washington?

He is a great actor.


Trouble in Massachusetts

October 30, 2012

Before any of you get the crazy idea that I’m about to predict victory for Romney in Massachusetts, let’s get real.

Obama is the last of the Kennedy brothers remember?

There are though, a few signs which might be used as a barometer for how the President is doing nationally.

In the 2008 election Obama took 62% of the vote vs. John McCain’s 36%.

As of 9/28/12, per the WBUR/MassINC. poll, Obama was at 60%…virtually the same number.

No problem, except for the fact that the weather around here can change pretty quickly.

That same polling agency, as of 10/22/12, has Obama at…wait, let’s have some fun.

Raise your hand when you think you’ve found the right number.






If you guessed anything but the number that reflects a 14% drop, you’d be too high.

Might it be that his best friends here in the State, folks like Governor Deval Patrick, have done everything they can to tick off as many people as possible?

Remember, the Massachusetts legislature is almost 90% Democrat.

They’re the ones that attached a law to the budget saying EBT/Welfare cards could not be used for tattoos, guns, pornography and body piercings.

Our Governor (deeply offended like his buddy Obama so often is lately) line-item-vetoed that clause, saying there were enough laws in place.

Next up; a 152 out of 160 member override to that veto by a Democrat House and a voice vote veto by the Senate.

Sounds like a mini-war brewing to me.

Things are not well here in Massachusetts and a strong turn out in support of a very likable U.S. Senator Scott Brown could–almost miraculously–turn Massachusetts red.

Oops…I said it and I promised that wouldn’t happen.

So I lied…call me a politician.

My Binder Full of Fun

October 29, 2012

I had the privilege of attending a Halloween Party in the neighborhood this weekend.

If you guessed that I dressed as Mitt Romney you’d be getting a bit carried away.

But correct.

I even brought an orange binder full of women.

Thanks to the magic of Facebook, the women I had on each page were those I knew would be at the party.

I made little Governor Romney type notes next to each picture, saying things like, “she’d make a great secretary of education” etc…

I even had a photo of Natalie, joking that she’d make a great sister-wife for Anne–Mormon chide.

The bottom line about this election, because I feel the conservative movement is winning, is that we must keep rolling with the fun of our message.

We’re the ones with the hope and change this time.

When Anne Romney said at the Republican Convention, “Mitt will not fail” I believed her.

For those great folks you meet who might be persuaded to vote for Romney/Ryan, but still won’t commit, remember to ask these few questions.

  • Do you defend Obama cancelling the Keystone Pipeline?
  • Do you defend the half billion dollars given to Solyndra and their CEO and CFO pleading the 5th in front of Congress?
  • Do you defend nothing being done to help our Ambassador in Benghazi when he called for help three times?
  • Do you defend our Secretary of State and President buying airtime in Pakistan apologizing for a video?
  • Do you defend Obama saying about small business “you didn’t build that on your own”?

If you keep these thoughts in your heart, the binder that goes with you everywhere, you just might be able to spook a few folks into accepting the Truth.Mitt with Supporter

Nature’s October Surprise

October 28, 2012

For those not sure what “October surprise” means, it’s a last-minute attempt by a candidate in a Presidential race to change momentum.

It usually come as a shock, like the revelation four days before the 2,000 election that George W. Bush had a drunk driving conviction in Maine.

What politician hasn’t been arrested in Maine?

Sadly for Al Gore, it had some impact, but not enough of one in Florida.

Whatever the President has planned, as he’s the one with the power to blow something up, front page news will be harder to pull off, with hurricane Sandy slamming the coast.

What’s even worse, the hurricane looks to be one that won’t end for several days and news about its destruction will continue through the weekend.

Sorry Mr. Obama, unless you have a plan to lower the sea levels, like you did in ’08, it looks like you’ll have to run on your record.

What a wash out.

Stay safe people…do not test nature…it’s undefeated.

Green Bay Crushes Washington–Biblically Speaking

October 27, 2012

In a recent theological discussion with a friend, trying hard to wrap his head around what I believe, the following thesis rolled out my big mouth.

From the perspective of good vs. evil, I’m convinced the conservative movement is motivated by a Holy/Godly premise, while liberal ideology is inspired by a Demonic/compromising presence.

My friend did not disagree.

Here’s some better news.

I don’t have to defend this “sure-to-be” controversial statement alone.

Check out this letter from Bishop David Ricken, Diocese of Green Bay Wisconsin, to his flock of 304,614 members, dated October 24, 2012.

Wisconsin was supposed to be solid Obama…sorry Barry, your personal fouls against Catholics happened one too many times….now it’s payback.

A well-formed Christian conscience does not permit one to vote for a political program that contradicts fundamental contents of faith and morals…Some candidates and one party have even chosen some of these as their party’s or their personal political platform. To vote for someone in favor of these positions means that you could be morally ‘complicit’ with these choices which are intrinsically evil. This could put your own soul in jeopardy.

If this isn’t a clear shot across the bow, to my over-rationalizing Democrat voting Catholic and Christian friends, then I don’t know what else could be.

Is the Bishop being mean…or is he doing what a Shepherd is called to do…warn about the dangers of leaving the safety of the flock?

When Jesus said the following, (Matthew 18:18) if you guessed He said it to the first Bishop, you’d be correct.

Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. (King James Version)

I tell you the truth, whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven, and whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven. (New Living Translation)

This game sounds like a lock to me.

Except it’s really nothing to play around with.

Sometimes big mouths like me get it right.

Lie to America–Suck-up to Pakistan

October 26, 2012

If you watched the second debate, you saw CNN reporter Candy Crowley tag team Mitt Romney over what the President tried to say regarding the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Somehow she had a copy of the President’s speech in the Rose Garden from September 12th, 2012, neatly placed on her podium.

I wonder how that got there?

Correctly, Mitt Romney accused Obama of blaming a video for the death of four Americans.

Wrongly, Crowley and Obama tried to piece together a weak defense, which came at the end of the speech, about how terrorism is wrong.

If you’re that stubborn, and still believe Obama never blamed a video, then please explain why he and Hillary Clinton made this commercial, with Pakistani subtitles, to be aired in Pakistan?

It cost our government $70,000 to have it aired.

America is always guilty of doing something wrong when it comes to Obama.

Terrorists are just misunderstood.

We won’t be wrong on November 6th.

Nor will be misunderstood.

Unless of course you cheat again, like you did with Candy Crowley.

One last thing…

Obama forgot to say–“except for Catholics.”

Saudis in Audis

October 25, 2012

Since the race to the White House is too often filled with arguments from both sides, enough to make your mustache curl, I thought this might be a good time for a laugh.

In this video, from our old friend GoRemy, we learn what types of cars the Saudis like best.

It’s only natural they’d want a vehicle that rhymes with their name.

Have fun, especially with the soft drink my grandmother couldn’t pronounce either.

If you’re wondering why, there’s no letter for the “p” sound in Arabic.

That’s why they call it “Sbrite.”

She loved visiting us in Bittsfield too.

Romney Rejects Coaching–Who’s Flip-Flopping Now?

October 24, 2012

The biggest talking head of all, Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly, was incensed that Governor Romney went soft on Obama during the last debate, with regard to what he knew about Benghazi, Libya.

As my hero Charles Krauthammer tried to talk Papa Bear down from his tower last night, reminding Bill that Romney doesn’t need to score points, he needs to run out the clock, by maintaining a Presidential demeanor, I was reminded of a Pop Warner football game from my childhood.

Our team was the Giants and we were in first place with one game remaining.

All we had to do was beat the Browns to win the league.

We were leading in the contest with less than a minute to go and we had the ball on the 20 yard line.

Two running plays and it would’ve ended in victory.

Our head coach decided it would be fun to throw a pass, just because we were doing so well…and we hadn’t thrown one yet all game.

Bad idea.

A lightning fast kid on the other team intercepted that pass running it back 80 yards for the Browns win.

I can still see our quarterback crying after the game.

The other day I made mention that Governor Romney reminded me of my dad.

One of dad’s favorite sayings was “don’t fight for something that’s coming your way.”

CBS News–not Fox–this morning is hammering the White House on Benghazi, because of emails they uncovered proving Obama knew within two hours this was terrorism, not a video.


The Truth always finds its way out of the Jeannie bottle, and now that Governor Romney has nothing to do with this hog pile, the White House is on an island with their best friend, the media, having turned on them.

Great decision Governor, not to throw a pass that might have been intercepted.

All the Left has left, is to accuse Romney of being a flip-flopper.

Seems a bit ironic when the President now has no choice but to end his Presidency defending his flip-flopping tale of two Benghazis.

Fact Check–Obama Used Bayonet in Debate

October 23, 2012

Last night’s foreign policy debate looked like an argument between a father and his contemptuous teenage son over who knows more regarding the dangers of driving a car at unsafe speeds.

We all know how that turns out.

The President, using one liners, trying to portray his father as out of touch with the modern world, employed a comment that got his base fired up, after Romney complained about the shrinking Navy.

We don’t need as many ships because we have aircraft carriers and submarines, and we don’t use bayonets and horses anymore either.

Really son, and we don’t need seat belts now because we have airbags?

I guess it’s not the Commander in Chief’s job to know that the Marines still use bayonets.

We’ll blame that on his youth.

Another thing teenagers like to do is say they’re sorry to their friends for dad’s old-fashioned ways.

The President’s apology tour through the middle east and at the U.N. was just that.

Muslim brothers, don’t pay any attention to my founding fathers and their dumb old Constitution, forgive my dad for allowing free speech…when I get home I’ll arrest the dude who made that video about your awesome prophet…that wasn’t cool, like I am.

Mr. Obama’s demeanor was so mean-spirited, with a glare that looked like he was ready to stab Mitt Romney, made me think, maybe the President had the last bayonet in the world hidden under his chair.

I didn’t see one, but I did see Bob Schieffer’s purple socks.

That fashion error was minor compared to Schieffer saying Obama Bin Laden at one point.

Since I nodded off about 45 times, I might also have missed the 45 times the President talked about killing the real Bin Laden.

O.K. Mr. President, you personally killed him with your own bare hands, or was it your bayonet?

Sorry folks, Obama looked smaller than ever and the President…oops, I mean, Mr. Romeny…looked like my dad…above the fray.

Chris Matthews Empties Obama’s Trunk

October 22, 2012

One of the easiest ways companies can learn what their weaknesses are is to figure out a way to hear a sales pitch from the competition.

They know.

The reason they’re so well-informed is because the most common thing thrown at them, during their attempt at closing a deal, is why it is your product (their competition) may be better.

Years ago I sold Toyotas.

The Camry was our best-selling model and during every sales presentation I’d open the trunk and show them our full size spare tire.

Talking about it wasn’t enough…I wanted the image of that beautiful rescue device seared into their psyche.

I also knew the Honda Accord and Ford Taurus, our biggest competitors, had scrawny little do-nut tires they preferred to call “temporary tires.”

I was indirectly telling my customers what was wrong with my opponents’ product, by promoting what was right about ours.

Features and benefits 101…it worked well.

Today I stumbled across some criticism of President Obama.

Sadly for my Democrat friends, it’s not from a Republican, which would make it so easy to ignore.

It’s from Obama’s biggest cheerleader, Chris Matthews, and he’s being brutally honest.

You see–in politics–because there’s so much insincerity and bias, even more so than in business, the only way to know your flaws is to listen to what your friends are saying behind your back.

Mr. Obama, you needed to get some of that junk (disdain for Congress) out of your trunk a long time ago.

It might be too late now.

Even you said, if you couldn’t get it done in four years you’d be like that temporary tire.

Don’t worry sir, those Secret Service moving vans have plenty of trunk space for all your stuff…I’d just hate getting an eviction notice in winter.