Book Review; The Gentleman Boxer

I might be one of the luckiest sports fans around.

I just finished reading a book called The Gentleman Boxer, by Ion Grumeza.

It’s a story about my great Uncle, Joe Grimm.

His real name was Joseph Hashim, and he was my grandmother’s little brother.

This is the story of boxing in the roaring 1920’s.

It’s a must read if you fall into any of the following categories;

  • Related to Joe Grimm
  • You Have Lebanese Heritage
  • You’re from Pittsfield, MA
  • Or Fall River, MA
  • Or New Bedford, MA
  • Or Bayonne, NJ
  • You Have Ancestors Who Boxed
  • You Loved the Movie Cinderella Man
  • You Believe in Hard Work
  • You Believe in Family
  • You Hate Corruption
  • You Love an Underdog
  • You Love a Gentleman
  • You Love Lebanese Food

I probably could go on for another hour or so, but, I don’t want to delay you from buying your copy of The Gentleman Boxer.

If you do read it and notice the name Louis Massery, playing a prominent role guiding the Hashim  family, I hope you say, it runs in the family.

That was my Jiddoo (grandfather).

If you’re not sure if Joe Grimm was a great fighter, I have just a few words to say that will change your mind;

24 Knock Outs in a row.

Awesome man, awesome book.

Thank you Ion…you brought me ions of laughs and tears.

Here’s the link…the e-version is a bargain at $3.99.


2 Responses to “Book Review; The Gentleman Boxer”

  1. Dick Davis Says:

    Loved the book! Lived in the Berkshires for many years and played music at Dreamaway Lodge & other places. (Now in Maine) Dick Davis

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