Funny Phones That Aren’t So Funny

First of all, the video below will make you laugh.

I have to confess…when I first heard this woman on the radio, I thought it was an actress making fun of someone with an “urban” accent.

Sadly, it’s real.

It turns out she’s an SEIU Union employee being paid $11 an hour from money extorted from hard-working union dues, so that they can dog Mitt Romney wherever he goes in Ohio.

Please keep barking folks…you’re making him look real good.

Now that you’re done laughing, it’s time to cry.

As you watch this next video take note of the year, 2008, when the program exploded…doesn’t that coincide with a certain Presidential election of a person who claimed he’d change Washington from the inside out?

I guess the change he was talking about was a coalition of people ripping off the rest of the taxpayers who don’t want something for nothing.


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