The Scholarly Journalist…an Oxymoron

One of my favorite TV shows growing up was Leave it to Beaver.

There was a character who used to try and cozy up to Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver, so that he could influence their sons.

Except this character, though he thought he was brilliant, came across like a phony every time.

More about him later.

One of the biggest problems facing America is the fiscal cliff we’re facing.

Sadly, even if Mitt Romney and a Republican Senate is elected, no matter how good a job they do reigning in spending, left-wing journalists will only report on those whose belts that have been “unfairly” tightened.

The work of a paid writer, at one time, meant that everything they did was to the highest possible standard.

A newspaper editor was considered to be a man above reproach here in the U.S.

They couldn’t choose sides.

Those days are long gone.

Those on the left may be wondering how it is that Fox News, with its obvious conservative bias, has become so influential.

The left has reaped what it has sewn…rigid bias.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and dozens more like them are booming because today’s journalists have stopped doing their job.

The un-scholarly approach to reporting is so blatant that the pendulum, driven by frustrated intelligent Americans, has swung hard back to the right.

Conservatives, who make up the majority of the country now, are starving for truth, and find it in giant piles on talk radio and conservative cable TV programs with brilliant guest commentators like Charles Krauthammer and Michelle Malkin.

If the old media wants to survive, they’re going to have to pull an Eddie Haskell–and–at the very least, force themselves to pretend to care about truth and fairness.

Wally and the Beaver don’t like liars and hated it when Eddie got them into trouble…in every show.

The liberal press is getting America into trouble, with every slanted report.

The problem is, this is no sit-com….it’s serious business being reported by insincere people.


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