Damaged Brands–Harvard and the NFL

Sometimes good brands end up damaging themselves.

A perfect example this year is Harvard University and U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, with her unsubstantiated claim that she’s a Cherokee Indian.

Another is the NFL, with their inability to resolve a strike with their referees.

In both cases, once impeccable brands are taking a hit.

This type of intangible loss is often times irreparable.

I do have a few suggestions.

Since the NFL is fining head coaches for “flipping out” nearly every week, why not use all that extra loot to settle the dispute with the real refs?

And, since Liz Warren has raised over $24 million, mainly from Hollywood, why not do a remake of the movie The Social Network?

She can play the part of Harvard superstar Mark Zuckerberg’s minority girlfriend, and prove to everyone she actually is a bright young victim of racism.

With my plan both iconic institutions can have their bad calls overruled and go back to dominating Sports and Academia.

Sorry Barry, no redistribution of success is tolerated at either of these HQ’s.


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