The 9/11 Bump in the Road?

The President and his loyal mainstream media are doing all they can to minimize the terrorist attack/torture/murder of our Ambassador in Libya.

Media outlets are pretending that things like Mitt Romney’s comments about government dependency are what’s on America’s mind.

Ooh, that was so mean Mitt, how dare you ask one of your 5 sons to mow the lawn every fifth week?

Fairness is not part of the progressive agenda, unless of course it pertains to the super-rich and their supposed stash that can solve all woes.

There’s only one Person whose storehouse can solve all woes.

If I tell you His name you’ll accuse me of waxing too religious today.

The bottom line Mr. President, is that the death of any American at the hands of terrorism, on the anniversary of 9/11, actually was a bump in the road…for your re-election.

Please, just for one minute each day, take your mind off yourself.

You hold one of the most honored positions in U.S. History–President.

If it ends–it ends.

That’s politics, or should we call it “noise?”

Your world view will gain popularity again…and sadly…all too soon.


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