Trouble with the Curve Movie Review

Last night I saw the new Clint Eastwood movie with my nephew and daughter.

It had a little bit of everything.

Sports, mystery, romance, scenery, fights, trivia…you name it (I did–twice)...the only thing missing was Clint’s empty chair.

And for those who hoped Eastwood would be damaged goods, we had trouble finding three seats together at the Beacon Cinema…no fallout I could see.

Sorry Berkshire Eagle, your wish for the death of all things conservative didn’t come true.  You can try again in 2016…if you’re still around.

The movie had that similar feel to it of “The Blind Side,” where a broad range of folks could take home a sense of satisfaction from nearly every scene.

No giveaways here, so don’t panic.

Clint Eastwood put together a great cast, with Justin Timberlake and Amy Adams as love interests.

The conflict between father/daughter had an unconventional conclusion–and–best of all, my favorite scene was a flashback of Clint in his early 30’s, beating the snot out of a bad guy who needed a whooping.

I have no information confirming what movie it came from…my guess is a Dirty Harry outtake.

We old guys like that kind of stuff.

This movie is appropriate for supervised 12-year-olds and up.

Sorry girls…JT keeps his boxers on.

And to you guys…Amy looked pretty fit.

Go see Trouble with the Curve…you won’t feel like you wasted a seat.


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